How to Prepare Raw Horseradish

For many people, horseradish sauce is often only considered as something of an afterthought, used to spice up the odd boring meat or salad dish with its distinct fiery bite. However, based upon the potential health benefits and its well-known medicinal properties, perhaps it is time to reconsider this versatile little spice. Why you should […]

Giving up smoking

Reasons for giving up smoking Lowers cholesterol level and therefore risk of a heart attack, strokes, Problems in legs Reduces the risk of certain cancers Lowers risk of lung diseases. prevents constant cough. Stop being short of breath all the time Saves you a lot money each year Gives you control of your life back […]

How to make a drunken fruitcake

One of the nicest fruitcakes to make is the drunken (or boozy) fruit cake. As its name implies, it contains alcohol. It is traditionally made at Christmas-time or other winter holidays. However, it’s a wonderful cake to bake at any time of the year. This fruitcake is packed with dried fruit. The fruitcake is enriched by soaking the dried […]

Amish food especially for New Year’s Day

Having grown up in Berks County, Pennsylvania, a close neighbor of Lancaster County, our family was exposed to many of the Amish foods. You could pick them up at almost any farmer’s market in the area. The farmers market attracted many people who wanted to purchase authentic Amish items. Although most of their food is […]