How to Stay Cool when the Central AC Breaks!

Wow, has it already been a hot summer in Atlanta!? When its 100 degrees outside and your central ac system breaks down, one of the first things many homeowners try to do, is find all the various ways they can cool off their home while waiting for the air conditioning repairman to get to them! […]

How to make a drunken fruitcake

One of the nicest fruitcakes to make is the drunken (or boozy) fruit cake. As its name implies, it contains alcohol. It is traditionally made at Christmas-time or other winter holidays. However, it’s a wonderful cake to bake at any time of the year. This fruitcake is packed with dried fruit. The fruitcake is enriched by soaking the dried […]

Bus311 Business Law I Tutorial

The Function and Definition of Contract Law A. Sources of Contract Law – Contract law is common law, which governs all contracts except when statutes or administrative regu­lations have modi­fied or replaced it. Statutory law—particularly the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)—governs all contracts for sales of goods. B. The Function of Contract Law – Contract law […]

Top Home Business – Myworldplus Review

One of the Top Home Business opportunities available today is My world plus. This business was launched in 2007 and is very unique. You can easily earn a residual income by your direct referrals and also spillover. To earn from infinite levels in your downline all you need to do is recruit at least 3 […]

Effective Bad Breath Remedies

What is Exactly Bad Breath? Bad breath and also known as the medicinal term halitosis, is a bad odour coming for your mouth. It can be from smoking, eating foods that have a strong odour such as onions and garlic or they could be caused by a health condition. By using Bad Breath Remedies regularly, […]

Eat High Calcium Foods For Better Health

In order to get strong bones and teeth, we must get an adequate amount of Calcium in the body. For the young and elderly, it is important that they eat High Calcium Foods in there diet. As we get older, we can lose the calcium in our body, this is usually due to age, eating […]

Digital Camera Buying Guide : How To Buy The Perfect Camera

If you are looking to buy a new digital camera then there are a few things that you should know. Here is a digital camera buying guide to help you find the right camera for your needs. There is a wide range of different digital cameras to choose from. Most digital cameras do not require […]

What Detoxification Diets Can Do To Cleanse The Body

Detoxification Diets should be considered by everyone living in a developed nation. For example, in the United States people are exposed to chemicals and other toxic substances on a daily basis. So, what exactly is detoxification? It’s basically a process, or system that eliminates a substance from the body so that it is no longer […]

Detox Herbs To Remove Toxins

What Detox Herbs Can Cleanse The Body Detox Herbs can be used to help remove harmful toxins from your body and can be used to cleanse a specific part of the body such as your colon or bowel.If you have a diet that contains mostly processed foods and eat a lot of meat you will […]

Got the Offer this Afternoon!

A Friend sent this email to me: Thank you so much for your prayers, visualizations and wishes! This afternoon, my husband received a telephone call from a prestigious university hospital ten minutes from our apartment home. The hospital administrator told him that he won the job! My husband will start within a month or so; […]