Momedy: A Real Day Off (no kid)

One mom I know calls it a “free pass” when you’ve got overnight babysitting and all-night parties to hit. I can’t really hold my booze, prefer to drink at home when I do, never have overnight babysitting (except when I abandon my partner and our daughter to go on a solo press trip, where I am unbearably lonely…. Sort of), and don’t really like socializing.

So for my boyfriend and I, a “free pass” is actually a day when I have no deadlines (possibly because I have pulled a couple all-lighters), he has called in sick to work, and we run a bunch of errands: buying a gymnastics bodysuit, snorkeling gear, feline flea meds, returning cat food that had pieces of sponge (?!) in it, maybe if we’re lucky, grab lunch somewhere.

Today, in addition to the aforementioned errands, we went to an architectural salvage shop called Hobo Hardware and found a nice old grate. In my books, it was a great day.

I’m not sure if we were always this boring or if this happened after we had a child.
But it was amazing to get so many errands done, spending money only on the things we set out to purchase, not having to buy Timbits, bottled water after bottled water, kids’ jewelry, sparkly shoes, socks, magic wands, or, in our case, vintage lab beakers, and other impulse buys to keep The Little Nutball cooperative.

“Free pass” indeed.

Post Author: te120