Prevent Foot Blisters Caused By New Shoes

Blisters on feet caused by brand new shoes can easily be avoided if you take proper care while choosing your next pair of shoes. Foot problems can certainly be avoided if the shoes’ insoles and the inside of the topper are lined with soft, skin-friendly material. Women often overlook comfort for style when choosing shoes for themselves. However, most of the time, fashionable footwear results in hideous feet for a few weeks.

While choosing a brand new pair of heels, you can keep a few things in mind to avoid painful blisters.

Points to Remember

1. You must try to select the right shoe material. This is very significant if you are getting these shoes for extended wear. You need to realize that your comfort is supposed to be your top priority. If you want to avoid blisters, go for shoes that are made of natural leather. Leather is very comfy, and if worn daily, the material adjusts and follows the shape of your foot, therefore turning into a customized fit and eliminating any kind of uneasiness.

2. Shoes can be an expensive yet a crucial purchase. Before buying a new pair of shoes, you must check for its quality. Many manufacturers are coming up with unbranded replicas of designer shoes, and those are usually available in extremely inferior quality. If your shoe has a sharp or rough area because of its bad finish, think twice before buying it because this will definitely cause discomfort even if you wear it for short periods of time.

3. Be sure to buy a perfect fit. Many people make the mistake of speculating their right shoe size in haste and later suffer this decision’s consequences. Shoes that are too tiny will absolutely be uncomfortable. Shoes that are too big, meanwhile, will cause friction burns when they rub against your feet.

4. You need to get your feet comfortable in your new shoes. Your feet need to adjust to the size you choose. Wearing new shoes for a shorter duration for the fist few times will help your feet adjust, and would let your shoes shape according to your feet.

5. Use socks or cushions to shield your feet from blisters, you can use skin-toned stockings. Or, you may also place cushions in the area where you feel uneasiness or where your feet feel sore.

6. If your routine involves walking, then wearing old shoes might be the best option. Wearing high heels or wedges while walking on the road is a sure formula for getting a foot blister.

If you have already been a chronic victim of these blisters, then it’s about time that you start your foot blister treatments. After all, painful feet are sure to become a nightmare for everyone. You can try any cream or gel, treat yourself with a pedicure or you can book a series of foot massages for your comfort.

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