What Does Green Feces Mean

Everybody poops. Each human being has a digestive system that converts food into nutrients that are absorbed by the body and is converted into energy which enables us to perform our daily activities. The food that is not absorbed by the body is passed through the bowels and is released as feces, stool or human excrement. Although it is a natural thing, talking about a person’s bowel movements is not a common topic of discussion unless a person is talking to his or her doctor. However, this does not mean that people should not be informed about how their bowel movements should be like. People should know what a healthy bowel movement is like and what they should be aware of in case they encounter an abnormal bowel movement such as having green feces.

The color of normal healthy feces is brown. Even if a person eats a lot of colorful food, the end result when it comes out of the body as feces is normally brown. As food enters a person’s digestive system, it is broken down by gastrointestinal fluids into a form that can be absorbed and used by the body. Bile is a greenish liquid secreted by the liver which aids in the breaking down and the absorption of nutrients when food is transported into the small intestinal tract. Undigested food, or the food that is not absorbed by the body, is transported into the large intestines and is stored there until the body excretes it as feces or fecal matter. The digestion process transforms the undigested food into a brownish color. However, there are instances when a person will excrete green feces. Excreting green fecal matter may be temporary and caused by a person’s dietary habits. However, there may also be underlying medical conditions which cause a person to have green stools.

The occurrence of green pooping, especially if it is not regular, may be attributed to a person’s dietary habits. If a person eats a lot of green leafy vegetables, he or she may have a higher chance of excreting stools greenish color. This is because the green pigment chlorophyll found in leaves may cause the green coloration of the fecal matter. Artificially colored food products or beverages such as green Kool-aid may also cause a person’s fecal matter to become green.

A person taking laxatives or a person who has eaten food that have laxative effects may also excrete this condition. Laxatives cause the food to pass quickly through the gastro-intestinal tract. This means that there is not enough time for the food to be digested and absorbed by the body. The green coloring of the feces in this case might be because of the green bile that is mixed in with the food.

A person having green color of poop for a long duration of time even though he or she has adjusted his or her diet may be suffering from a medical condition and should consult a doctor especially if it is combined with diarrhea.

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